Washing Guide

New Nappies only require a short rinse cycle with a small amount of detergent and when dry can be used. Our bamboo inserts will work right away but will continue to increase in absorbency with the first 8 washes.


  • Dispose of solids from nappy insert into the toilet.
  • Our shells can be used for multiple changes (if not heavily soiled) simply wipe and reuse. If they are due for a wash gently unsnap all inserts and seperate parts.
  • Give the shells and inserts a quick rinse under the laundry tap to dilute residue and then store nappies in dry pail between washes. This will prolong the lifespan of fabrics, and help to avoid mould, ammonia and waste build up in the nappies, plus limit smells. Do not leave longer than 2-3 days particularly in hot climates or summer.


  • PRE-RINSE - Once you have a load ready to wash, run a short cycle prior to the main wash with half the amount of detergent. This helps to remove heavy soil and prohibit build-up. Using a cycle that drains the dirty water away before the main wash is best.
  • MAIN WASH - Wash nappies every second day using the FULL amount recommended of a good quality regular washing detergent for your load size. Simply run a long wash (max 40 degrees) to get nappies thoroughly clean, sanitary, free of build up and smelling fresh each wash.
  • DRY - AIR or LOW ONLY Tumble Dry for shells, high temperatures can delaminate the waterproof outer. we recommend line drying out of direct sunlight. Inserts can line dry in direct sunlight.



  • We recommend the use of a natural nappy balm like pawpaw. Barrier creams that include zinc will impact absorbency and can stain product.
  • To avoid damaging or fading fabrics, do not soak in chemicals or bleaches and do not use fabric softeners as they can affect absorbency.
  • Recommended Detergents: Omo Ultmate Powder, Raidiant Laundry Liquid, Ecostore Laundry powder (double dose).



Hemp inserts need to be prepped to get rid of natural oils, fluff up the fibres and increase the absorbency. Run a full cycle wash with a small amount of detergent. Repeat process, without detergent for 4-5 washes (no need to dry in between). If short of time, soak inserts overnight. Your inserts will reach their full absorbency after about 8-10 washes. 



Printable Wash Guide


Washing Reusable Breast Pads

Ideally it’s important to wash breast pads within a day, or if you won't get time to wash them, be sure to rinse them after use.

Reusable breast pads can go right in with your other laundry, and can use your regular laundry Detergent. Be sure to stay away from bleach and fabric softener as it will damage and affect the absorbency of your breast pads.

We can't emphasize enough that you DRY YOUR PADS COMPLETELY, either in directly sun light bamboo side exposed or on the Air dry setting of your dryer. Drying your breast pads properly will prevent the growth of bacteria or mould.


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