With our eco-friendly product we have made a conscious effort to work with our suppliers to reduce packaging on our nappies. We do not use single use plastics and all our protective packaging is recycled.
When receiving your parcel you will notice that we do our best to ‘package-free’ our Cloth Nappies. We have chosen HeroPack as our supplier of compostable mailing satchels, to reduce our plastic waste and our instruction cards are printed on 100% biodegradable recycled card-stock.
Our nappies are 100% designed and owned in Broome, Western Australia - I have drafted, designed and tested for months to create what I believe to be the perfect nappy.  We are completely transparent about how our nappies are made, the manufacturing is done ethically overseas in China through companies with whom ensure they abide by the base code of ethical labour practices. We chose this path as it allowed our nappies to be more affordable and available to more families.