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The Benefits of Babywearing

A carried baby is a happy baby...

We carry our babies for almost a year while pregnant. And while in utero they are warm and cosy, our breaths and heartbeat are their constant companions. Why shouldn’t we continue this after their arrival? Make them feel safe and secure.



What are the benefits of babywearing?

•  Baby is soothed by parent’s movements, closeness and heartbeat

•   Wearer can maintain visual contact with the baby at all times for extra-reassurance in those first formative months

•   Bonding is increased between parent and child

•   Baby is better stimulated, having a greater awareness and interaction with the world around them

•   Reduced bouts of crying and so less stress for parent and child

•   Keeps parent’s hands free for other day to day tasks

•   Ideal for use skin-to-skin contact, keeping baby warm and establishing breastfeeding.


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